About the Reader herself..

Hey there!

Yeah, you staring at your phone like your eyes are burning out of your head.  How are you? Are you well? How’s life been keeping you these days?

Well hopefully, I’ve caught your attention. My name is Tegan and I’m an avid book fanatic and believe me my bookshelf proves it. I’m just a girl from a small town who is searching for adventure…some of those places just happen to be within books. I like my tea hot and my lap warmed by my handsome cat. When I’m not inside devouring a new book (or maybe an old favorite), I like to spend my days outdoors working on my Nature & Macro Photography, and enjoying the fresh air. When days are just too cold to be outside you can find me downstairs in my studio working on art usually fluid acrylics. I hope you take a moment from your busy mornings, afternoon or night and look into my book talks, photography and artistry and my everyday thoughts that just happen to keep me awake at night.

So enjoy your stay here no matter how long or so short. Til later. – T

p.s.  If you are looking to contact me about reviewing a book or my book talks either comment on my post in which I’ve said the comment. Or you can reach me at my email writingsnartistry@gmail.com. I am a bit of a busy woman so please understand if I don’t answer your email instantly. Thank you for your consideration. – Tegan