Royally Jacked – Book Review

Hey how are you all this lovely Monday morning? I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and if you worked hopefully it went well. Today’s review is a gooder in being that its an easy read and had a constant pace. “Royally Jacked” is a what I would call a short novel, it is also part of the The Romantic Series written by Niki Burnham. Enjoy and as always please like and subscribe, if you agree or disagree I would love some feedback.

Royally Jacked is written by Niki Burnham, it has a total of 208 pages and I rated it 3.25 out of 5 cups of tea.

Royally Jacked was a fun regal romance that had some fun characters, like many royal romances my mind immediately goes to the idea of some kind of fairytale parallels. And yes, it did have some similar ideas that follow most fairytales but isn’t that really the point of a good romance anyways.. the only downfall some older readers (I mean those of us over 18) may find is that this romance is a tad “adorable” and so much so that I would say that the audience for this book as well as the rest of the books in The Romantic Series by Niki Burnham would be targeted more at grade 8 to 10’s.

Recap. Valerie is like most teenagers she thinks she has it all; perfect family, perfect friends, perfect life, perfect crush. That is until her Mother drops a bomb on her 1. Her moms’ a lesbian and 2. She’s leaving Valerie’s dad to live with her new girlfriend. After poor Valerie gets away from the shock, she then finds out that her Dad is moving across the world to work for some kind of royal European family. Her parents give her the decision to either stay and try to live with her Mothers new family or move around the world with her Father… which will she choose? While this plot line on its own is totally wild and far fetched it does run a fun loving romance that most girls (and some guys too) would die for.

What I liked?

  • The romance that was put forward from the beginning was a good one but wasn’t who Valerie ended up with which I appreciated. Even though this book was a younger version of most of the harlequin romances that I grew up with it still had steamy scenes that I thought were written properly for the right audience. No fifty shades here.
  • This was such an easy read and sometimes when you have a crazy schedule or life just gets away from you…the simple book with hardly any real plot besides romance is a welcome rest for the mind.
  • You just can’t go wrong with a good old romance Valerie and her crush had some great funny moments that had me chuckling out loud (I hardly minded the strange looks I got while sticking in Timmy’s).

What I disliked?

  • Because this was such a short book – things moved fast which is fine. But this wasn’t a plot line that grabbed my attention from the get go – but it did have a very quick ending which really only lasted 3 chapters at the most – would have just liked to seen a bit more. Oh well 😔
  • Would love to see an older version of “Royally Jacked” this book was definitely adorable.

All and all this book is worth the read and for many of you it will probably take you just a couple days to finish just as I did. “Royally Jacked” wasn’t anything special but Niki Burnham wrote a sweet romance to join the other short romances apart of The Romantic Series. UPDATE: There is a couple few books in the series whether they are connected together is beyond me. I won’t be reading anything else in the series as the characters in the end just didn’t give me much else besides adorable romance and looking back I need more substance as an older reader even for a quick read.

Till next time, keep on reading. – T 📚


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