Throne of Glass – Book Review

Hey all, wow. Here I was saying that I’ve been too busy to read and you get another review in the span of 48 hours. I actually read Throne of Glass written by Sarah J. Maas, a few weeks ago right before I got a huge change over, either way you guys get a 2nd review this weekend.

So obviously time wise this is an older series, seeing as “Throne of Glass” came out in 2012 and each book afterwards came each following year. Even though the first book series came out while I was still in high school and I probably had great access to read it – you all know that I hardly read anything that comes right off the bestselling list and this was no different when Sarah J. Maas put out “Throne of Glass.” Anyways onto the review, I hope you guys like my take on “Throne of Glass” and please as always like and share and subscribe to hear more from me!

Throne of Glass is written by Sarah J. Maas it has a total of 404 pages and I rated it 4/5 cups of tea.

Okay, I’m just going to dive right in and say it… Did anyone else start this book and think wow, I love the idea of a strong, female assassin who has her head screwed on right?? Well I most definitely did and while I highly enjoyed the storyline and the world that the author created. I really hated when strong, sexy, supposedly killer Celaena Sardothien turned into a whiny cranky bitch. (Sorry, not sorry). Like what the hell is going on here. As much I did love Celaena’s character, at moments I thought that she had been written a tad too girly and this for me really slowed down the story. I also hated the idea that in order for Prince Dorian to find any love for her that she had to be the traditional damsel in distress. Hopefully, I will find more of badass killer Celaena in the coming books or this may be a series I end up dropping.

What I liked?

  • The world in which the author has created carried weight and ensured that you felt that there was backstory behind all of the ideas running around in the storyline; even those little things that seemed to carry little weight still had meaning instead of seamingly just being dropped into the world for no real reason.
  • Also the writing by Sarah J. Maas is well done and hits me at being at the right level for the targeted audience instead of where an author aims to high and looses most of their targeted crowd. I found that it was a fast read once you were sucked in – I mean there is some mistakes but I really didn’t find many. (I also want to point out that for this book being sucked into the story wasn’t too hard as I had lots of time to read not that I was sneaking this book into my day because I JUST had to find out what would happen next!)
  • For the most part the romance that runs between Celaena and Prince Dorian is an easy one but I didn’t mind that there were other suitors looking to get Celaena’s attention – for once this was a good way to show distance between the 2 worlds of rich and poor that Prince Dorian and Celaena both lived in as well as how much Celaena really had to lose in the world.
  • I really enjoyed the fact of how those sometimes creepy or eerie moments were written – I found that those were the moments I would look most for because of the details that given away or held onto.
  • A great point for me in the book was when you finally get some real answers about what is happening to the other opponents in the Kings’ competition and yes there was some versions of magic in the storyline that I really appreciated. (And nothing to complicated that slowed down the mood that was started about 2/3 of the way through.)
    • What I disliked?

      • That cranky, whiny bitch that I mentioned before… unfortunately those moments were all of a sudden. It was almost like the author decided that Celaena needed a awake up call; it seemed to me that the character turned into this little girl who no longer knew how to fix mistakes or get herself out of danger. I’m not saying that the character isn’t allowed to have moments where she was sad or not strong but I felt that the overly girly moments didn’t go with the characters view that was so strongly put out for most of the storyline.
      • Also not a fan of how almost every other female character didn’t have a lot of depth of character to them. I wasn’t sure if this is done to make the main character seem more complex but it mostly just seemed odd.

      So, overall I really think that Sarah J. Maas wrote a well played storyline with characters that did keep the plot moving and not this annoying thing that new authors do where they “over write” details that may not be needed for the storyline or where pointless items are added to add length to a book. In my experience I find that I am more willing to read a book if the idea is kept simple, (the only time I tend to venture from this rule is when reading novels that are considered to be by great writers or that formed society and people of today – as in historical works.) Because of this I am happy to start reading the second book in this series, “Crown of Midnight,” and interested to see where the author may take the characters next along their journeys. As always please let me know what you think and like and subscribe for more posts about my creative outlets and hopefully many more book reviews this year!

      Till next time, T 📚


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