The 5th Wave – Book Review

Hey my lovelys, this week has been a week from hell… scratch that this month of April has been a rough one. Between the continuing snow fall and crazy work schedule I’ve barely had time to breathe let alone read and write.

The 5th Wave is written by Rick Yancey it has a total of 457 pages and I rated it 3.5/5 cups of tea.

I’ve given this a high rating partly because of the emotional and creepy feeling that this book gave me chapter after chapter…that being said it doesn’t remind me of a horror or triller really. Just a strong sci-fi genre that keeps you both close to Cassie but also very afraid for her moments later. I shipped Cassie and Evan hardcore throughout the book -even when his mysterious ways became too hard to follow. Rick Yancey in my opinion wrote Evan Walker perfectly just the right amount of boy-next-door and mysterious love to keep Cassie and you (the reader) on your toes at what I considered the right moments.

What I enjoyed/ liked?

  • Cassie wasn’t a complete badass but she wasn’t also a whiny little girl who in reality would have never survived- she had power over how the reader saw the storyline.
  • Evan Walker has familiar traits to many leading male roles…he was likeable and language wasn’t over done but neither was it always completely fulfilling.
  • The waves were believable for aliens..and I liked that the aliens weren’t little green men either. (Some May of preferred this idea but I found it twice as creepy that you couldn’t be exactly sure who was good and who was not.)

What I disliked / or found annoying?

  • So, so many book reviews talked about this idea that Rick Yancey really out did himself when he wrote this book and its series. Personally, I have to disagree… I greatly enjoyed the storyline and characters but I would not say it’s one of the best books written of this century. It had interesting concepts – some that I have seen before.
  • There is also the fact that when a book is talked about a lot, then hits the bestselling list and is then made into a movie; that unfortunately everyone is saying either “YES I LOVE IT 😍 ” or “HELL NO, ITS AWFUL” that you can no longer go into the story with a completely unbiased opinion. Sometimes this new found fame for a book or author really wrecks some of the love for the characters for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

At the end of everything, my hope is that I will read the rest of this story eventually….that’s the hope anyways but with my new full time job and the burn out that it burns. You lovely’s may have to wait for sometime before I get around to reviewing or even reading the next couple books in this series. I’m sorry this review isn’t as strong as some of my others but as always I really appreciate my readers and other friends here.

See you all soon, T. 📚


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