Macro Photography

Hey my lovelys,

No book review today instead I have a different topic on my mind. I’ve had a couple questions about why I took down my photograph in addition to why I started into visual arts. First off I apologize to those who were interested in the photos I put up here. Unfortunately I had to take almost all photographs down as I was seeing them being used on other sites without my consent. Most of you would think that this would be common sense not to steal other artists work. Because of this the only place to find my photographs is through my Instagram page which can be found at – if you see a photograph that you would like to use for a project or would like a print of you can message me there and we can discuss price. Secondly, I have been working as a portrait photographer is a bit out of my comfort zone which has turned out to be an exciting and lovely job that consumes some of my time. The team there is absolutely wonderful – and each and everyday learning this new turn in the industry has been marvellous! On the other side of things Macro Photography is an absolute love of mine and has driven me more to the visual arts; art is a form that so many, many outlets because of this I fell into art in high school but I never really found a form of painting or drawing that spoke to me. As I tried to find what medium to use I fell into the idea of large abstract paintings done with acrylics. From this outlet, I’ve fallen very much in love with fluid acrylics and pours. Of course this kind of painting has taken over many media’s as those who watch it – as well as those who create it – find it extremely soothing. The beauty of such paintings is that you will never be able to recreate the piece of art. Now, I’ve got a bit of topic, in a round about way… I see macro photography as the same way as there is really no way to recreate nature as you see it in a photo. Nature is a form of beauty as well as a piece of art – if you can see the resemblance in both things that flourish as well as those moments where nature can be profoundly destructive. Photography is very much seen that way, quite often a photograph is all we have of loved ones after they pass on; its amazing that a glossy piece of paper could have such an impact on life as we know it.

I hope this answered some of your questions; photography, art and painting are creative outlets that have so much hold on how we perceive the world. It is difficult for me to explain things as they have deep holds on how I see and go about my daily life. There will be a book review (or two) hopefully during the up coming week. Talk to you all later, as usual if you would like to ask any questions please don’t hesitate! Till next time – T


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