Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Some of you may know this book and its series from the TV hit show TRUE BLOOD. That being said I didn’t even realize this until I was at least a few chapters in when I when hunting through the reviews to see what other readers thought of the storyline. This is the first book in the series of quite a few and (at this time I’m 42% through the book and really enjoying it and the love of the characters!) and I have a feeling that it is going to continue to be a great read!! UPDATE: Hello my lovely readers, as of this evening I have finished this interesting read.

Dead Until Dark is written by Charlaine Harris it has 292 pages and I rated it 3.5 cups of tea.

Stookie Stackhouse is a small town waitress in the only bar in a very tiny town. Her life is both boring and annoying, she has a “disability” of sorts…or a gift in somes eyes which enables her to read the minds of those around her. Her once boring small town life made a turn for the better and definitely exciting when Bill Compton moved into the town one night. Why you may ask? Well Bill is of the undead kind and Stookie soon finds herself getting pulled the vampire (and only one she’s ever met let me add) because Stookie can finally get some piece and quiet when she’s in his company. But don’t let me tell you; read about the excitement that Mr. Compton brings to Miss Stookie Stackhouse and read it for yourselves!

What I liked? 

  • I felt that I could actually connect to the characters and that even though some of the characters were considered to be dead the author still brought that human aspect into all of her writing. 
  • Writing style was pretty good – many of the reviews that I read said that it wasn’t well done at all and I honestly have to disagree; I was still sucked into the story each time I picked up the book. 
  • Also the character of Stookie had enough issues to remind me of myself to be honest & yet she she had enough shades to keep me wanting to tune into her thoughts as well as her obvious obsession with Bill the vampire. 
  • I was so so so glad that Bill’s character had real back story and I thought the explaining of his life before he was infected by the virus was well written and didn’t seem to let me down. As many of you may know that Zombie/vampire storylines quite often the “infected” have no backstory what so ever.
  • This is a really light reading…I mean super light 

What I disliked?

  • I wanted the ‘bad’ vampires to have more dimension and as the story progressed I did want to know more about the vampires that weren’t “mainstreaming” such as Bill. 
  • There was a lot of bad grammatical errors that really pissed me off that could have been corrected with some good editing. 
  • I’m not all that fond of vampire series after reading the twilight series. I do like some series with vampire characters but I am extremely picky. My biggest problem with this book was that some – okay a lot of the book was a bit too ummm…..trashy let’s say because of this I doubt I will be watching the tv show True Blood; unless I find more excitement in the other books in the series.

Overall,  I thought this was an interesting read with Bill and Stookie. The characters were fairly well thought out most of the time and I respected the author for her choices most of the book through. There was scenes where I was not impressed with the authors writing skills and I could feel myself being pulled away from the story. Besides a few questionable details I did enjoy my read and may even get around to reading the other books in the series. My only thought to other readers is that keep reading this book continually or you may fall into a rut like I did where I found it hard to complete the book after not keeping up with the characters – this may of been because Dark Until Dead was a bit too light and didn’t continually pull me back into the story the farther I read into the ending chapters. Either way I was interested most of the time and found the characters of Stookie and Bill to bring me pleasure of just being able to have something new to read. 

Till next time my lovelys & keep reading 📚- Tegan


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