Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Hey my bookish friends…I’m sorry that I’ve been absent for so long I had a few other things that took #1 place over my reading habits! That being said the break was nice but I’m SO happy to be back. 

Glitch is written by Heather Anastasiu and I rated it 3 out of 5 cups of tea.

This book is one that I had saved in my Kobo Library quite a while ago when I was very interested in the dystopian worlds that take place beneath the ground. Glitch is definitely a book that I would recommend to the younger age groups in the YA audience. I found the story extremely hard to get into, that being said the writing style also isn’t amazing and does follow many of the points that are important in a YA book as well as dystopian world. 

I found that the characters themselves were all over the place and the couple characters that I was highly interested in were only around for a couple chapters and then disappeared for the rest of the book. I also found that Zoel or Zoe’s perspective although fairly dynamic just didn’t’ have enough push for me in the storyline. I did really enjoy the last 6 or 7 chapters as the world got much more involved and I got to see more of the world expand….seeing the “gifts” that the glitches have really, really made the book more enjoyable for me. 

Before I forget, Glitchers are people (usually children or teens under 18) within the Community that are no longer Linked into the technology that runs their world, they live underground because the Uppers or folks in charge basically tell them that outside is poisonous and that no one can live above ground. Because of the Link, everyone dresses and acts the same because it is taught that emotions and personal behaviour destroyed the world. Zoe and her friends…Max, Arden, Molla, Juan are all glitches meaning they have “gifts” some good and some not so useful. At the beginning you meet with Ardien who is part of the Rebellion who lives above the ground and who are free from the Link. As you can image all sorts of shenanigans end up happening! 

After getting into this book it was enjoyable but it wasn’t all that memorable. Yes an okay read but I wouldn’t recommend it to older audiences like myself and I also don’t think that I will be reading the remaining 2 books in this series. Hope you all have an amazing night and I will talk to you all later! – Tegan 


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