Taken by Erin Bowman

Good Morning my lovelys! Hope your week is still going well and that your Holiday plans are looking merry! This morning I’ve picked the “Taken” written by Erin Bowman. This the starting novel of the series which continues on to have 3 other books, I believe… I hope you enjoy this one, if you have any questions or want me to cover a book for you. Please leave me a message below in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. More later.

Taken is written by Erin Bowman it has a total of 360 pages and I rated it 2/5 cups of tea. 

The reason there is no men in Claysoot is thanks to an event that happens on a boys 18th birthday where they are stolen away or Heist in the middle of night never to return again. Just months from his own birthday, Gray Weathershy receives a note telling him to escape (which by the way happens much to easy in my opinion.) Climbing the wall surrounding Claysoot is suicide but the note Gray receives believes that what comes after is much worst. From there he is thrust into a world he never knew existed – he meets the girl of his dreams or so he thinks. Until that very same girl is off running away with another boy. Gray needs to save his so-called girlfriend before the unthinkable happens and he’s Heisted forever.

I really really couldn’t believe the misplaced world that Erin Bowman was trying to bring forward, I mean it could have been amazing but I felt that she didn’t execute it well. It rambled on at points and stopped flowing all together at other points. I had no chance to slip into a “dream state” even when I tried to restart the book and its chapters over and over.

What I liked? 

  • The Heist is a wonderfully tasty morse of reader surprise but not the slightest bit original. I found the chapters surrounding the explaining of the Heist either boring or that they rambled making me lost interest.
  • I like stories that incorporate deception since it usually creates great suspense. But I didn’t find it here. Deception maybe but no suspense to back it up.

What I disliked?

  • Predictable, very underdeveloped in some scenes and almost to developed in some facts that were unimportant. It also had a weak plot.
  • I found it extremely unbearable by the end.
  • I’m sorry, not sorry I couldn’t get into the story. I might try this one again; but I was disappointed with it.
  • Yes there is another love triangle in this plot (for those of you who really like that stuff) me on the other hand I’m getting sick of them everywhere.
  • Unimpressed with the character of Gray Weathershy I wanted so much more from his personality. The main female character was whiny one second and then too intense for her depth of character creating gaps in the story (I can’t even remember her name; not rememberable) – weak writing.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book. I am actually pretty sad about this one since so many people said it was good although many readers agreed with me that the author was missing many points. I really wanted to like  “Taken” but it didn’t hold up as I would have liked it to. Can’t really say much about this book since I try very hard not to give spoilers away in my reviews. Even though I disliked it to the extreme I hope that you still go forward and read it to form your own ideas and opinions about it. I will not be reading the rest of this series as I could hardly make it through the first book. See you all later and happy reading 📚- Tegan


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