Tainted Crimson by Tarisa Marie

Welcome! Hello good friends, I’ve got a new book (as usual) and I realized I haven’t been updating my book blog as much as I would like too. So even though I haven’t been reading my usually style of books I thought I better get my butt in gear and give you readers something new. This weeks review is on Tarisa Marie’s “Tainted Crimson” the first book in a series that involves the supernatural world including vampires, witches and a few other creatures as well.

Tainted Crimson is written by Tarisa Marie it has a total of 320 pages and I rated it 3.5/5 cups of tea. 

Nothing has ever been quite ordinary for Arielle Malgrovech. At four years old she witnessed her mother’s surreal murder and then years later on her 18th birthday. Her school catches fire while she’s attending her prom, her father gets trapped inside – and ends up dying. With both of these tragedies come unexplainable supernatural circumstances. A series of unfortunate events can’t seem to stop following Miss Malgrovech.

I’m excited to review this one because I know the author – this does not mean in the slightest that I won’t be honest. I also want all of my readers to think about one fact. Please don’t be too harsh on the author, Tarisa Marie, if you think that the story isn’t 100% original; don’t get cranky. It’s pretty impossible these days to write or even read anything that is 100% new.

What I liked?

  • I really love the name Arielle – its so different which in turn is very refreshing.
  • The plot twist will have you guessing over & over.
  • Daymon is definitely swoon worthy.
  • So, so happy there wasn’t any annoying love triangle! (I hate when I really get into a book and then some stupid character is written usually without any kind of depth and destroys the works of the lot so far – usually without any meaning.)

What I disliked?

  • There was a bit too much talking at different points, that sometimes pulled me away from the storylines.
  • There were a few grammatical errors.
  • Not what I usually read by a land-slide.
  • I’m usually not a huge fan of horror or even the supernatural writing style. – I know many many of you do enjoy these and I think many would like this starting book for the Tainted Series by Tarisa Marie. 

Overall, I really liked reading it and because there is a well written cliffhanger that hardly gives much away I’m fairly sure that I will be looking for the second book and most likely reading it as well. There is the right amount of good romance (which is not too cheesy) between Daymon and Arielle. Also the best friend is so very well written. I really saw many of my good friends between the two girls at different scenes throughout the plot. I definitely would tell anyone who likes this genre to make the time to read it as well as anyone in the Young Adult department. Might not be the best book for readers under the age of 10 or 12. Besides that “Tainted Crimson” packs a bit of a punch and will hopefully have you jumping to read the next books. Happy reading my friends 📚- Tegan


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