The Rock Star & The Girl From The Coffee Shop by Terry Towers

Hey my awesome readers out there! I’m so glad that I’ve been getting more feedback on my reviews as I get more of them over to this new site. Thought I would put up this review as requested. This was a bit off the beaten path for me just on the basics that it was short. (It is an eBook) but more because they’re could have had so much more put into the idea rather than the very normal story line that was brought forward. “The Rock Star & The Girl From the Coffee Shop” written by Terry Towers.

The Rock Star & The Girl From the Coffee Shop written by Terry Towers total pages are unknown, although I would say there is about 300 or less and I rated it 1.5/5 cups of tea. 

Hanna’s just a 20-something broke college girl living away from home trying to make ends meet (sounds very normal & she is) except she has stars in her eyes like anyone who’s ever had a dream. More importantly she has rockstar and pain-in-the-ass Bo Savage in her sights. The hot, very intense rockstar that walks into her coffee shop one night after getting stuck on the road (in the middle of the night I might add) and seemingly seems to sweep Hanna off her feet. I mean what could possibly go wrong when normal meets crazy?

Huh? Is honestly what I thought when I started reading this new eBook. It was requested and I really thought it’ll be a nice, quick read. Lots of romance and shit going down the drain about no worries because its a bit young but it should still be good. It wasn’t and I’m highly unimpressed.

What I liked?

  • Romance was fine – but not exciting in any way.
  • Possibly only liked it because it had some potential somewhere- although not sure where.
  • Very simple boy meets girl

What I disliked? 

  • Characters were either whiny (Hanna) and Bo was a complete ass and not in a sexy way either. No good chemistry.
  • This story needed so, so much more work done on it (editing) was extremely disappointed with it.
  • I’d say to read this book at night when you’re on bed, because I’d sleep than read this again.

Overall if you like mindless romance and very teenager-ish then this one is for you. I personally wasn’t that impressed. But I will say that if you are looking for a quick read then yes, its for you. Also as a starting romance reader I wouldnn’t consider it the best book but it is an easy read and just because its an eBook doesn’t mean that the book will be bad. Unfortunately in this case I couldn’t say that as I have read some absolutely stunning eBooks such as “Tainted Crimson” written by Tarisa Marie but Terry Towers story just wasn’t one of them. I hope you find better luck than I did with this story line. Happy Reading 📚- Tegan


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