The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Hello everyone! I hope your final days before Christmas 2016 is going well and that you are spending some time with your loved ones and friends. Not just the long list of books that are probably staring at you from your bookshelf waiting to be read. This another book that can be found on my 2016 best read books “The Maze Runner” written by James Dashner. I won’t carry on too much but instead jump right into the review of this bestseller.

The Maze Runner is written by James Dashner it has a total of 384 pages and I rated it 5/5 cups of tea. 

When Thomas is awoken in the lift riding up, fear is the only feeling that grips him and the only thing he can remember is his name. Everyone’s memories that he meets have been erased. Outside of the towering stone walls that keep the boys stuck in the Glade – the maze is ever changing and seems to be limitless. But Thomas can see it as the only way to get out; so begins his weird obsession with getting out and running the Maze. Something that might be his only chance could also be the one thing that could kill him and his new friends. Then one day a girl comes up in the lift with a message that no more supplies or boys are coming… It wouldn’t seem so strange but the new girl Teressa is the one and only girl in the Glade – now and before – and the message she has for Thomas isn’t a good one. Instead its a sinister one: “Remember.” Which leads Thomas to the only choice he has run the Maze and try to survive.

What I liked?

  • This author James Dashner is an awesome writer and has a wonderful way of pulling you straight into the story.
  • Thomas and Teressa aren’t really the romantic couple – so don’t expect too much. Honestly I was fine with it because the action and adventure were fairly strong.
  • I really liked the strong male character – I know that a lot of readers (mostly women) like the idea of a strong female protagonist but I liked the world view that Thomas’ character had and if you still want a strong female character don’t forget about Teressa.

What I disliked?

  • The fact that it is such a large book may deter some readers from starting especially since there is 3 more books in the series and they’re all quite long.
  • One particular reason that I didn’t like the book – and continually books 2 or 3 was that I felt that the book needed more details; I couldn’t completely follow the world because a lot was left unsaid and not writing it down means that me (the reader) was left guessing. Sometimes that’s okay – but James Dashner did not write it well enough for this style of written to work.
  • The point and themes behind the story weren’t always that strong…which unfortunately pulled me out of the story which wrecks the “dream state” that the author is trying to pull you into.

Overall, I thought I better read this bestseller and finally get around to giving it a review after staring at it on the Bestselling list for a couple years. I will warn that I will not be posting about books 2 and 3 in the Maze Runner series as I wasn’t actually all that impressed with them unlike the first one. I felt that after The Maze Runner that the story line should build and build instead I found myself confused and greatly annoyed with the story..leaving me to give up on the rest of the books. That being said, I was really sad about it since I loved The Maze Runner so immensely. I hope you have better luck with this series than I did. Please leave me a comment about what your opinion was about The Maze Runner and the other continuing books. Comment and like as always and thanks for following my reviews so far. Happy reading 📚- Tegan


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