The Hunt by Megan Shepherd (The Cage #2)

Hey everyone I just finished this book at the end of the week right before Christmas which was great timing to be honest. Here’s hoping your December is staying beautiful but not to freezing cold. “The Hunt” is written by Megan Shepherd she is also the author of “The Cage” the first book in this series. I greatly enjoyed the first book and I couldn’t wait to start the second one. I hope you enjoy this review. 

The Hunt is written by Megan Shepherd it has a total of 359 pages and I rated it  4/5 cups of tea. 

Betrayed by the only Kindred she trusted, Cora must rely on her new developing powers that make her head burn and try to free herself and her friends…if she can that is? Because by using her powers she might actually end up destroying everything that is important to her even those she didn’t realize meant the world to her. Cora learns from Cassian that Earth might still be alive but she doesn’t know the truth for sure…and the uncertainty is beginning to cause Cora to lose her sense of humanity as she races through time and space to correct mistakes even if they might take her life in the end. 

I was so in love with the first book in this series that I couldn’t wait to eat up this second book. The only problem I faced was that it took me about a month longer to really get back into the story telling from the first book. No matter the entire time I was still wondering about what was happening to the characters in the book. I can honestly say that I was mostly happy to see where Cora and her friends new and old ended up. 

What I liked? 

  • There was some death in this one in which not everyone gets out alive which was a nice change from the first book where nothing to extreme seemed to go wrong. 
  • Although it took me months longer to complete “The Hunt” I was vastly more impressed where the main characters development went. 
  • This book had me gripping the pages in the last few chapters (always a good sign) & had me going “…seriously no? Really?” Which in its self was nice to see the author moving the story forward. 
  • Megan Shepherd the author, topped off this second book in this series with a good cliffhanger but also explained some of questions involving other creatures that lived in the Kindred’s space ship. 
  • World seemed to get better and better for me – finished off the last 200 pages in the middle of the night. 
  • The more that I got into the storyline its self and that the most of the chapters were in Cora’s perspective helped me read The Hunt quickly and with much interest. 
  • I could definitely feel myself moving back towards Cora ending up with Cassian but Lucky still had strong points. I just like the chemistry between Cassian and Cora more. 
  • Again about the world was that I realized with each passing chapter how much more complex Megan Shepherd’s writing for the world really was – nice since it added more “juice.” 

What I disliked?

  • Why did it have to end that way??!!! A bit upset with the end…not the cliffhanger but more the last 10 chapters or so. 
  • The vocabulary that is used in the books may be deemed as simplistic and I do agree but I didn’t think that it took away from the storyline or the characters. 
  • I was a bit upset that the author did bring new things forward but then she wouldn’t explain them. Even if this was a ploy to question the world I found it continually annoying. 
  • Aliens still aren’t my thing although I’m not sure that this even counts as aliens so much as more of a sci-if fantasy genre to be more completely honest. 

Overall, I am extremely happy that I ended up coming back to this book and finishing it off. Because of the cliffhanger, I’m fairly sure that there will be another book possibly two. I hope that the story continues to grow as it did from The Cage to The Hunt. So far I have been very happy with the characters including the world that they exist within. That being said, this world is very complex and I did find that sometimes because of its complexity that it drew me away from the story rather than to it.  I would definitely recommend this book The Hunt and even the first book as well. I am happy to say that to me the first and second books flowed together well and that I didn’t find that it bored me too much. It may take a bit to get into the second book but it is definitely worth it to read it as it really started to speed up from 150 pages on. This is a great new addition to my bookshelf and I hope that you all agree. Happy readings 📚- Tegan 


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