The Cage by Megan Shepherd 

Hello everyone hope your day is going well and that you are all enjoying the beautiful weather that we are still getting here in the middle of November! The book this week “The Cage” is written by the bestselling acclaimed author, Megan Shepherd who wrote “The Madman’s Daughter.”

The Cage written by Megan Shepherd has a total page count of 405 pages and I rated it 4/5 cups of tea. 

The Cage begins with the reader seeing Cora Mason waking up in a desert not knowing how or where she is. Once she begins to explore Cora meets four other teenagers: a beautiful model, a tattooed smuggler, a secretive genius, and an angry army brat. None of them know anything about the position they’ve been put into. But instead find themselves lost in an impossible mix of environments – desert to tundra, farm to jungle, and an empty ghost town filled full of creepy black windows. So the race begins to try to find an escape route together…or Cora may have to make the most heartbreaking decision to leave her comrades behind in her fight to escape this new world.

When I first picked this book off the shelves at Chapters, I wasn’t too sure about it but I did recognize the author which was a huge positive point for me also the fact that the front cover of this book drew me in because it was so bright in the mess of dark covers on the shelf. Although when I did start the first few pages I got completely sucked in and I found that I was eating up this book during my lunch breaks at work. Through the next couple of days, I found that I did run into the issue that the story line/themes of the book did not work as well as I thought they would together which was a little sad to see.

What I liked?

  • Cora Mason and her new friends although a bit predictable – were still very enjoyable and worked well together. 
  • Really liked how the chemistry worked well between her and Cassian. 
  • Innovative enough to keep me turning pages and still interested 200 pages in. 
  • Characters were sometimes unlike able which was refreshing. 
  • A brilliant look into human ability when you’re abandoned and searching for your home. 

What I disliked? 

  • Characters could have been better written – ensuring they weren’t as annoying. 
  • Needed more plot with a lot more details for the alien world which did interest me greatly but I wanted more. 

Overall, it was a hard one to talk about there is so many details or rather little secrets that the reader learns as you travel through the chapters. Again I like a  bit of suspense and “The Cage” had it, it made up for the predictable characters by creating an innovative new take on an old view of aliens. I would definitely recommend this series to those readers ho enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, and aliens. I thought it was a very good read even though books with aliens aren’t usually my thing. I found this was the kind of book that took me by surprise and made me love it tremendously all the while making me want to tear it up at the same time. A great read overall, I will be reading the second book in this series which is called “The Hunt.” Happy reading 📚- Tegan 


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