Countdown by Michelle Rowen 

Hello my lovelys! I hope you’re all enjoying the books you have been reading this month. Please comment below if you’ve found a gem in the rough. Since I’m always looking for books to read and add to my never-ending list of books. Today’s book is “Countdown” which written by Michelle Rowen. I’ve had a couple readers ask whether or not I read this one online which I did not. It can be boughten in your average book store as a paperback.

Countdown is written by Michelle Rowen it has a total of 327 pages and I rated it 3.5/5 cups of tea. 

Kira Jordan survived her families murder and after months on plague-devastated city streets. Working with a little savvy and then some low-level psi abilities. She’s cocky and thinks she can handle anything, which might end up being the death of her. Until she wakes up in a barren room, chained to the floor. Really not the greatest way to start a morning.  From there she and the other kid Rogan who was trapped as well are thrown into a game of cat and mouse trying to fight for their lives. Kira never realized that her life could get any harder.

I really liked the concept behind this one even though it does have many ideas that remind me of the Hunger Games Trilogy – which honestly doesn’t bother me at all. When you read as many Dystopian genre novels as I do, you notice a lot of similarities. This might seem like a pain in the butt but I consider a book to still be good as long as the “dream state” that the author creates still has the ability to pull you into the story that they are trying to capture you in.

What I liked? 

  •  I love a story that you read quickly, because the plot is so good but sad that it has to end.
  • Some may say it is eye candy for the mind – meaning its meaningless. But that didn’t deter me from loving every minute of it.
  • Kira and Rogan are very similar but they did make for some good fun.
  • The “Great Plague” – which is a pretty normal dystopian world problem. The game aspect was pretty well done, and I thought that it had enough differences from the usual suspects that it worked well in the story.

What I disliked?

  • Characters were a tad normal – they really could have used more depth.
  • Promised more than it could give back.
  • I wasn’t completely in love with how the characters worked in the story line.
  • Sounds/reads a bit like a lot of game oriented dystopia – might be too normal for some readers.

Overall I rated it a solid 3.5 because it had the ability to pull me into the story and for the most part keep me there. The book was well edited which is always a plus. (It’s pretty annoying to read a book that has a million errors.) Concept wise it was your average dystopia world – a bit Hunger Games/Divergent – but with less going on. Which was okay since I liked the fact that I didn’t have to read 3 books to get to the point or the end of the story. 327 pages was the right amount for this book. Comment and like this review, more are on the way! Happy Reading 📚- Tegan


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