Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Good evening my lovely readers. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful snow-free November here in Southern Alberta or the beautiful bit of snow that has been seen on the East coast of Canada. Besides that I hope that you have all been keeping up on your reading and that your tea or coffee (although coffee really isn’t my cup of tea – haha) is hot. I’ve been working on this book which is fairly short being that it is under 300 pages but I just needed a easy, fun book that I could read along side the large set of books that continually end up in my inbox. I hope you get a giggle from this one since I sure did.

Stuck-Up Suit is co-written by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward it has a total of 245 pages and I rated it 4/5 cups of tea. 

Although this is a short written romance there’s a lot going on it. Soraya and Graham first meet on the subway train where they are both headed to work. Graham isn’t just hot, he’s down right sexy but he’s the kind of character that you love to hate (or smack up the head.) Soraya is a bit different from the usual female characters in this kind of romance smutty book being that she is wonderfully strong willed with her you never know what she’s going to say – but you know its always going to be hilarious. Between the two of them they create a great story of give and take that completely won me over as a reader.

What I liked? 

  • This is a steamy romance and there was plenty of heat happening between Graham and Soraya. I think the heat did add some character development; meaning that they brought out the good in each other.
  • I found that they were the kind of couple that really actually worked. – Since quite often the “heat” in the story ma be good but the couple’s aren’t really that great.
  • I loved, loved, loved Soraya because her personality was absolutely amazing she dropped Graham down a couple pegs and made him work for everything with her which was awesome to see rather than the usual ‘damsel in distress’ female characters.
  • There was too many characters that I forgot who everyone was, but there was enough that I need everything was working out. I really loved Chloe she brought some excellent love and character development to Soraya which was nice to see. 

What I didn’t liked?

  • I did find like many of these kinds of books that the writing wasm’t done all that well. It pulled away from a tiny bit from the storytelling but I also found that it wasn’t too bad either.
  • This one was written like a harlequin romance novel and because of that I was hoping that there would be more “steamy” scenes and I really wanted it to be a bit longer (say 100 pages) just to really finish off the story.
  • Genevieve was a bitch – unfortunately in these kinds of stories they need a witch of some kind and she just happened to be it. 

At a complete over look, this romance novel was fun, cute and has a great main couple that kept the ball rolling including all the great humour that this book brought forward. The real winner of this book was the spectacular narration. It was predictable but most of these kinds of books are that way. In this situation, I didn’t think that made any difference at all. Overall, I thought it just worked for me. I also thought  that Soraya and Graham and Chloe made a very cute family. Happy reading and enjoy the rest of the evening! Happy reading 📖. – Tegan 


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