The Iron Witch Trilogy by Karen Mahoney

Hey y’all I hope you enjoy this trilogy as much as I did. I know that a lot of people have mixed thoughts on all books out there but when I was looking into reviewing this series many of the reviews that I read didn’t sound all that good and many of the readers rated it very low on Goodreads. I didn’t let this deter me from going on and reading this trilogy which is written by a wonderful new British writer of fantastical things; Karen Mahoney.

I decided for this review because the first book is so small only 299 pages that I am going to bunch the three books together and also reviewing as if they are one large but broken up book. I will give a small over view of each book and make it obvious which is which in addition to the normal what I liked and what I didn’t like of the entire trilogy. The trilogy consists of The Iron Witch, The Wood Witch and The Stone Demon, all which are written by Karen Mahoney. 

The Iron Witch Trilogy focuses on a teenage girl named Donna Underwood who after an horrific attack as a child in which her father was killed by the Fey, ending up with severely damaged arms which were reconstructed using magic and metal (alchemy). Considering everything else happening in her life Donna doesn’t have it easy but it is reasonably steady. Then after a random encounter at a party and the kidnapping of her best friend shortly after changes everything. Plunging the world into a devastating modern-day dark age.

The Iron Witch (#1) has a total of 299 pages and I rated it 3.5/5 cups of tea. 

The Wood Witch (#2) has a total of 321 pages and I rated it 3/5 cups of tea.

The Stone Demon (#3) has a total of 336 pages and I rated it 4/5 cups of tea. 

 The Iron Witch (#1) written by Karen Mahoney. A stunningly well written book for such a new author. It is a bit shorter than what I usually read but it still kept me turning the pages, which is what I wanted. I loved every moment. I didn’t find that I had already heard of or seen the setting and plot line written out million of times before. It was new and fresh & I continually found new things that I liked through the story. Really amazing and wow, the best part for me was laughing and crying at along side the characters. Which I saw as the characters being completely on point. The “Iron Witch” is a great series which I hope to read more of in the future. Is a great addition to the YA genre.
 The Wood Witch (#2) written by Karen Mahoney. WOW! For a sequel, this totally blew me away. So great to see the story line develop and continue bringing such great reading forward. This series is completely all right for both young teens as well as young adults. The characters were right on point and I continually fell right back into this magnificent world that Karen Mahoney has created.
 The Stone Demon written by Karen Mahoney. Oh god why did it have to end?? Ugh why did it have to end this way. Took me by surprise even had me in tears. By the end of the series you will be completely invested. And this last book of the trilogy, left me screaming at the pages in the very best of the ways. You must, must read this trilogy it well written through all three of the books. And I am very happy to say that you will enjoy this plot line and setting until the very end.

What I liked? 

  • It’s an interesting twist on the typical YA genre
  • A little off the beaten path for what I usually read – but I was okay with this Fantasy/Fey trilogy.
  • The characters were a little predictable but I didn’t think that it pulled away anything from the storyline except maybe making the three books a quicker read if anything at all. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.
  • I truly enjoyed the fantasy world that Karen Mahoney created because it pulled out different ideas from all aspects that is part of the Fantasy genre.
  • I definitely thought that the great humour and good chemistry between characters really brought the world to life and was my favourite part.
  • And yes, and yes this trilogy had me both tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard but also had me wanting to throw the book because I was so upset 😭.

What I didn’t like? 

  • If I had 1 word to describe this trilogy it would have to be? Underdeveloped. This story had so, so much potential to have some much more amazing storytelling written into it!
  • It was a bit predictable as I moved more into books “The Wood Witch”
  • Was very much pissed off with the ending of “The Stone Demon” I mean the story line had been building and building and I was completely let down with the end. I know other readers voiced that they were happy with the last book the most; and believe me I was except for those last 3 or 4 chapters.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed this review and that you will consider reading this quick, easy and actually very fun loving which should at least warm your heart with a little humour as well. It may be predictable but I greatly enjoyed the story telling – that may of been because I don’t using read the Fey books. Either way I really enjoyed Donna’s adventure. I most definitely  would recommend “The Iron Witch Trilogy” it had everything I look for in a book from adventure and good action to some good chemistry, right down to the magical world that Karen Mahoney has created. This would be a great series for anyone looking for an easy fast read as well as readers that are interested in the YA genre in addition to those who enjoy books in Fantasy including paranormal, magic, alchemy, and Fey. Great read for those looking in the YA genre in addition to the younger readers in the teen selection as well. See you all soon. Happy reading 📖. – Tegan 


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