The Darkest Minds

Back again my lovelys!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️ Flying does a funny thing insuring that you get your shit together and finally uploading a few needed book reviews. I also apologize for not getting it all out there into cyberspace…but I’m sure you all know how life gets ahead of you. Anywho onto the book 😊

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken has a total of 488 pages and I rated it 5/5 cups of tea. (And just for a kick make that peppermint tea lol)

Wow…just wow this is a story of sixteen year old Ruby who learns that she lived through the most terrifying epidemics in American history and that by doing so left her along with others who survived as well with insane abilities that cause havoc and make their lives very dangerous. Adventure and action are major points in this book (as well as the few books that follow it) which I haven’t read yet)). Believe me when I say that nothing is ever as it seems in this amazingly welll written story that kept me on my toes and gave me something to rip through in just a couple days because I LOVED it so very much.

At first I was completely drawn into this book and series…and I’ve seen all sorts of crazy dysfunctional dystopian worlds that don’t end up working all that well but this one caught my eye and I’m glad I read it. Originally I was looking for a new book (that had some juice in it) or series would have been even better. …as I’m sure lots of you book fanatics do; and I really use that word in the very best because I get the need to never stop reading! Unfortunately at a bit past half way, I wasn’t even sure that I liked where the story line was going. But it turned out that I immensely enjoyed the ending chapters and overall story. Those last chapters definitely are part of the reason that I will try to carry on with the next book in this series. Really can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully it stays good 👍

I should warn you all though that there are moments and different themes in this book that slightly disturbing and might make you uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend this book to audiences younger that 12 years old at the very minimum. Still for those older audiences it is so well written and will hopefully get you thinking… which is really all a good book should get you to do.

What I liked about it?

  • The characters were continually being developed. And being the characters are young some even younger than 16, I thought that I would have a hard time connecting to them but this was never a problem ever.
  • Ruby and Liam’s tension adds so much to both of their personalities as well as the group of kids that Liam is the leader of.
  • The characters are very much different from each other – this truly makes a difference in how the characters are both perceived in addition to how the rest of the characters develop through the story line.
  • I am horrible for choosing a book 📚 because of the cover and this cover wasn’t the reason I picked this novel, it more had to do with the fact that the author is known for her awesome writing.

What I didn’t like?

  • The themes could be disturbing at moments which both drew me but also pulled me away from the story line and got me thinking more.
  • Characters could have been slightly closer in age…I’m nitpicking here,since that aren’t too many things wrong with the authors writing.
  • Wish that I hadn’t felt a drag in the middle of the book (since this caused me to almost not stick all the ways through, but god am I happy that I did!)

Summary: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is a great/awesome spot to start a series…looking forward to reading more with these characters. Again this book 📚 isn’t one that I would recommend for younger audiences but I do think that YA and possibly older would greatly enjoy this novel.

See you all soon my lovelys – Tegan


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