Immortal City Series 1 to 3. 

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are staying on top of your book reading, if not here is a couple books that might catch your eye. I’m missing my kitty at this point of the journey and I’m sure I’ll miss him even more by the end of the adventure…but I like to think of my kitty-Kat as my reader friend especially when we cuddle on the couch together with a good book and a great cup of tea. Anywho up and away we go. Also there is more than 1 book reviewed on this post – if you want to read the series in full don’t read all the ways through. I tried to make it obvious where EACH book begins!!!!

The two books I’m going to talk about tonight is Immortal City (#1) & Natural Born Angel (#2). First up will be Immortal City.

Immortal City written by Scott Speer has a total of 368 pages and I rated it 4.5/5 cups of tea. 

This is a starting book for a series that follows Jackson Godspeed who is considered to be the hottest angel in LA (image that…wish it was somewhere more exotic) sorry I’ll carry on. He’s a young guy/angel who is working on becoming a full Guardian. Jason then meets a girl who doesn’t follow what the angels do in the city, she could honestly care less about them. And believe me, Madison Montgomery kicks ass! They are two people who should have never acrossed paths until the outcome was too much…Madison and Jackson’s relationship causes all sorts of chaos in both of their worlds…hers the human one and Jackson the one where he’s suppose to save the world…just kidding. But you’ll never know unless you dive into out of human world about how being from different worlds, with different values shouldn’t stop anyone from getting into trouble and maybe falling in love with the wrong person.

What I liked? 

  • I definitely was more of a fan of Maddy’s more than anyone, I maybe just felt more for her story.
  • I liked the idea behind Angels being paid to be Guardians to actually look after the rich and sometimes poor. I really liked the concept of it being more of a business.
  • There are some pretty mild romance which I though was just fine being what the story line really was going after.

What I disliked? 

  • The entire story line is a bit childish and a bit too clicky for my taste
  • I found the story line maybe to young for me (I’m 21) but if I had read it when it was even 18 or 19 I most likely would have enjoyed it more.

So yeah I really think this book just speaks for itself. Again the immortal people being angels who are paid by the rich and famous to look after them. Which is a different twist from the idea that angels maybe only look after those with less or those who are good souls… Bit too clicky for me but I still found it too be an interesting read all the same. I will say that it did not leave anything un-turned at the end.  Which I found refreshing but still can’t be completely sure whether or not I will continue on and read the rest of the books farther down this series. I would recommend this book for younger audiences even less than the usual YA genre. Anywho I’d like to hear what your thoughts were on this series, and which books you liked. Or did not like.

Thanks, and now onto Book #2.

Natural Born Angel written by Scott Speer has a total of 384 pages and I rated it 1.5/5 cups of tea. 

The second book carries on with no time jumps start into the story line. I am going to honestly much tougher on this second book since I truly feel that a series should grow and continue to pull you into the story… I’m sad to say although not really all that surprised to say that this story did not. Truly a big annoying  let down through it all. You usually know that the second book in a series that may of started with a relationship perfect or “too good to be true” will probably be crap. I know there is a ton of fans out this series out there but I was really annoyed to think that the book store I bought this one from told me that it was an older audience series. Which I didn’t find to be true at all…instead I found that the characters really lost their way and that this book seemed to shrink to what I consider a very childish written with a high school feel. Disappointed! Maddy felt nothing like the first book…sigh…I mean honestly couldn’t Scott Speer just write it so they fight the big bad guy to all end of bad guys and stop pulling out this series.

What I liked? 

  • I don’t even know what to write… which does sum it up perfectly; nothing. Sorry, not sorry.

What I didn’t like?

  • First and foremost! This book should be in the Teen section yes but it should be shown to the age group of 12 to 15 max; not an adult! I was greatly pissed off with the service I received in the little book store I stopped in to pick this one up.  (I’m extremely picky about my book stores)
  • WTH happened to the characters writing??? I felt that the author decided to completely change their personalities which changed the dyamic in the story – which really threw off the balance within the book.
  • There is a giant love square/triangle going on between Jack and Maddy who were madly in love now they aren’t but still is…basically a huge shit-show. Then there’s Tom who is a bit of a crazy stalker to Maddy which if she decided he’s the one then this one is very, very screwed up. ****(Tom is not okay – just a notice to writers don’t write a male or female character for that matter that is a stalker or that isn’t healthy to be a rolemodel because this story has a strong coming of age theme going on and it should not be promoted that having or being a stalker is alright!!)

Would I recommend this book, I’d say not for any YA audience. Younger yes between the age of 12 to maybe 16, more like 15.  The additional characters that were added didn’t’ anything to the story except confusion.  Overall, I will not being reading the rest of the series. Thank you for the time and it was interesting although not that wonderful of a read. See you all next time. – Tegan

There is a 3rd book in this series which I will NOT be moving onto. Its called “Battle Angel” also written by Scott Speer. Happy reading! 📚


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