Icons by Margaret Stohl

Hey everyone! I’m back in Canada as of this morning! And although I’m seriously, feeling drained after my 2 weeks vacation I also know I greatly enjoyed myself. Plus I got in some hardcore walking during my trip. I wanted to bring up this great 2 book series; Icons written by Margaret Stohl (#1)  which is the first book and its sequel Idols written by Margaret Stohl (#2) both are fairly well written although it did take me some time to become engrossed in this particular story line. I will also add that I original read these 2 books because I received an email to do a review of them (and I hate to admit that I hadn’t read either of them before.)

Icons written by Margaret Stohl has a total page count of 428 pages and I rated it 3/5 cups of tea. 

I haven’t read all that much of Margaret Stohl’s but I was interested to see what her take would be on the “end of the world” writing style that so many authors are trying out. I will definitely forewarn you all that I tried very hard not to give too much away in this review but this story it both very cryptic and also very obvious so I had some trouble not giving away too much!

Icons follows the destruction of the earth after awar that the humans of the planet didn’t even know they were fighting. There are aliens which have taken over the world because their own home planet has been destroyed although you don’t see much into that part of that part of the story. (Which I would have loved to of seen a bit of actually).  Dol and her best friend, Ro are shipped off to the Embassy after they are captured here while in captivity they meet Tima a fellow hostage. Dol also meets the son of one of the powerful Embassy members, Lucas. As you can imagine, everyone’s lives get very complex in a short time which adds to the fast-paced feeling that continues through the first book. Between the four teenagers they are met with a unique “wall” in which they must pass as a group and what was thought to be their weakness is really their greatest power against the aliens that taken over their worlds to save the future of man-kind; or what is left of the human race.

What I liked? 

  • Definitely loved the character personality of Lucas, because the dymanic of the character kept me guessing. Also his interest in both Tima and Dol was engaging to me since at moments it got quite intense.
  • The problem about the characters feeling real was only an issue with Lucas because he mostly explained throughout the book as being the only alien of the four teens. Of course, I wasn’t ever completely sure that maybe the rest of the teens were aliens and that may of been why they survived through the war…just a theory. This book doesn’t give much in return as you read the storyline.
  • I liked that at times the story line was both very much a black hole but then on the next page you might receive an answer only to have 9 more questions piled on top of the rest of the confusion. I greatly enjoyed that part (I do realize that a lot of readers don’t like this style of writing because it ensures that you really have to pay attention to the story or you’ll get lost. I especially like it if it’s done well because it means that the author cared enough to add the detail.
  • I’ve touched on this part a lot but if you didn’t catch on the first time let me reintegrate that this book will keep you guessing it is VERY cryptic!
  • Oh geez…a favourite part hmm? 🤔 I’ll leave that one up to interpretation since they’re are some great scenes written but then I’d have to give away some important details.
  • 1 point I do need to confess to is that I almost didn’t finish this one…I had to put it down a couple times just to give myself time to process the questions & answers that were jumbling up the characters.

What I didn’t like? 

  • Was there a cliffhanger? Honestly couldn’t tell you I didn’t think too much about the ending because I jumped straight into the second book. Since I can’t seem to remember, and since this book was just written in that style I would guess so. But unfortunately I couldn’t tell you start out.
  • Since the book was highly confusing, I did not like Ro, and Tima and even Dol at some points although my reasoning may be that the story line is a bit of a middle-pace during moments in the book. This was a giant slow down from the usually fast, heart pounding rhythm that was constantly kept up. When you take a quick read and try and slow it down it can sometimes be an end all for a book because you wreck the flow within the book.
  • My only issue which I did end up enjoying in this book and did find engaging was the whole ALIENS piece of the story which you really can’t get around in the book 📚. So, at the beginning I was not all that excited to put this one forward.

I’m sorry to my readers out there if this was more of a pass over review. Unfortunately because of the crypticness of the writing there really much I can say without giving too much away.  I would recommend “Icons” to most of the YA genre community. It does deal with a lot of disturbing themes including death of an entire race. If you are a fan of aliens it would be good for you definitely a quick read for older audiences. Also fans of thrillers or suspense may enjoy this one as well as those readers who enjoy the fantasy/dystopian worlds out there! Happy reading 📚! – Tegan

But I will let you in one a couple pieces of information below:


  1. The powers that Dol, Ro, Tima and Lucas is the ability to control (although not all that well) is emotions specifically those emotions that are uncontrollable usually. These so called weapons are like a double edged sword.
  2.   2. The relationships in this book are all over the place – so don’t get too attached.
  3. Almost all other humans are gone and dead – sorry if you thought there was any hope. Because I did and I found it pissed me off a lot when that idea is brought up a lot but it turns out to be false.

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