The White Rabbit Chronicles 

This week I’m putting out a series which is a bit out there…I’m glad to be back into the book world again. This trilogy consists of Alice in Zombieland, Through the Zombie Glass and The Queen of Zombie Hearts all w


hich are written by the talented Gena Showalter. Overall, I would say that this trilogy probably is of average size, I would rate it as being 3.5/5 cups of tea.

I greatly enjoyed the first book of this trilogy, Alice in Zombieland quite a bit, but I did find some of the parts to be unlikely although I don’t know if I can say such a thing because this is a zombie apocalypse series. But I did think that parts of the story telling really needed to be revised. The entire story line follows the life of Alice Bell after the death of her family which happens within the first couple of chapters. From her, Alice must learn to fight the monsters that are real, something her Father always knew but what she would never truly understand until she needed to fight to survive. Of course, because this is me! At this point I need to throw in some romance. Let me introduce to you the baddest bad boy( or so this is what kobo describes him as) Cole Holland. Cole starts a fire burning in Alice’s heart after the death of her family in addition to the non stop death and horror she has to indure until she does final take on Cole’s help. I really enjoyed the play that happens between Cole and Alice, although a lot of the fun and sexual tension which was feeling the burning fire between them kind of goes out in book 2, and even more into book 3. That all being said I found this telling of a zombie apocalypse interesting. Not that it’s one of those books that anyone any age can read and enjoy because I don’t. I think that this series is better put out to the teen years or even possibly the tween years that being said, it might be a bit too scary for ages 12 to 14. And at the very least no younger than age 10; the reading level isn’t way out of line though…it follows the right level with what the normal age should be who might read this series.

A brief summary of books 1,2, and 3 can be found below:

  1. Alice in Zombieland. It has a total of 404 pagesI liked this first look to the storyline and characters lifes. I really, really enjoyed this book to the very last line! Besides the very obvious zombie part, I thought the story line and characters were fairly original. And the romance mixed in enough adventure/action was good.
  2. Through the Zombie Glass. It has a total of 480 pages. I liked this one as well though I can,t decide between 1 & 2 which one is better? Absolutely loved it but it does get pretty slow in some places but honestly I completely fell in love with how the author Gena Showalter wrote the last few chapters.
  3. The Queen of Zombie Hearts. It has a total of 464 pages. Good. I found this one to not be as amazing as the other two books that came before it. Wish the author had added more to the characters development. Also the story line deserved more I still don’t completely agree with what the author did with book 3; Gena Showalter doesn’t drop the ball completely. I just really wanted more from this one…sorry.
  4. A Mad Zombie Party. It has a total of 448 pages. I have yet to read this forth book because it came out last September 2015, to which I was unaware. I will have to read this one and update more later***

I hope you all try this new fic…the first two books are good but the last one is very lacking or so I thought so. I’m writing this post on a plane to upload once I’ve landed so it’s a bit shorter than usual and I apologize for that part but if I find the time I will add more later on.

As always happy reading and have a good afternoon – Tegan


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