Academy 7

Good morning my lovely book-ish peoples! I hope you all slept well or at least better then I did last night. Sigh…it is extremely frustrating when you have things to do the next day and you get a small amount of sleep. (I got 5 hours last night not too great.) Now, this was not because I was reading since I would not be complaining if that was the case! I`m racking last night up to possible nerves and maybe the fact that I have a date later on tonight. So, I`m a bit nervous? I don’t know why I am when he is very sweet…really should have nothing to worry about. Any who onto the book talking.

Academy 7 is written by Anne Osterlund has a total of 272 pages. I rated it 3/5 cups of tea. 

Welcome to an interesting new look at a  sci-fi world that quickly draws you in and keeps you wanting more until the very last chapter. A world that is nothing what it looks like on the outside, that twists dangerously through the entire story line keeping you on your toes. Aerin Renning and Dane Madousin seem like complete opposites except they find out that their curiosity will bring them together…straight into the thick of life and death. This novel is short but it has many great qualities with danger, adventure, romance (although its not obvious), and with the science fiction it may look like every book out there. But this one might actually surprise you & I was sad when I finished it and realized it was a stand alone novel.

Absolutely love this book!!  Definitely a piece of aliens and different universe stuff going on in this book. I highly suggest reading this book it is sure to pull you into the world. All the while wrapping you up in the original characters, Aerin Renning and Dane Madousin. Between the two of them they run into all sorts of trouble. Best read by those who like sci-fi and fantasy. Even if it doesn’t seem to be your thing, at least give it a go.

  • What I enjoyed? One of my favorite characters had to be Dane, that may be because he comes off as a giant pain in Aerin`s ass from the moment that they meet. Which of course leads to all sorts of problems when you can see that Aerin could be interested if Dane wasn’t such a dick. I also thought that these characters all worked well together…since this author is newer there were some points that the writing wasn’t beautiful but rather patchy but that is to be expected.  My favorite part of the book is actually a giant spoiler – lolz imagine that. I like to be surprised or at the very least I should learn something. I thought that Anne Osterlund wrote the parts that were insanely descriptive of the world she created…I could see the world as clear as day in my day while reading which I found added some awesome details to the story line. Since this is written as a stand-alone novel I found it reassuring that the author didn’t write the end as a cliffhanger because honestly that pisses me off when its a stand-alone and the author has now created more questions. Honestly, very annoying.


  • What I didn’t like? Now did this author keep me guessing at every turn, no not really but it was still an interesting read. This didn’t pull too much away – but it was noticeable. Did this book keep me turning pages like a mad-woman?? No not really, part of that I think is because this novel is extremely short for what I usually read. I wanted more at some parts and less annoying character perspective at different moments (most of these I thought were obvious – and shouldn’t be explained in so much detail.) Again, theme wise I couldn’t be completely sure where the author was going. The writing style reminded me quite a lot of fan fiction which I thought was a bit of a let down since the world which was created was new and interesting.

I would recommend Academy 7 to pretty much everyone guys and gals. That being said some might say more girls would like it because it looks like it is quite romance-ish because of the cover. Anyone can read this tweens to the YA genre. See you later – Tegan.


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