Anna Dressed In Blood

Evening my lovely book people. I hope that you are all well and that the weather is good wherever you are. Because at the moment the weather has been here at my home. But when you live on the prairies even in a city the weather can change so drastically that I can’t decide which way is up. Although, I’m looking forward to the many fall walks that I am are ahead of me. Any who onward and upwards.

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake has a total of 320 pages. I rated it 3.5/5 cups of tea.

Welcome to a world of reading that I usually don’t step into. One that is filled blood and gore. That might keep you up at night, the kind of story that thrives on the stuff that goes bump in the night. Along the way there is a little bit of romance thrown in the middle just for good measure. Still interested…then good for you, if not. (I totally get it because usually I wouldn’t pick up this kind of book with a ten foot pole.

This is a quick read & although I originally didn’t think i could get into this book. I really did. Also coming from someone who hates horror and terrifying stuff this book freaked me the sugar out. Besides the terror which definitely kept me up at night I thought the story line was well thought out and kept me on my toes. I found myself enjoying Cas’s story as well as watching him interact with Anna and the other characters. This does have some romance which is originally why I picked it up. (and also what kept me going till the end). But if you love a good scare this might be for you, the writing was good so that was a plus. Read this one extremely quick, I even read the actual book instead of online and there is a beautiful trick thrown in the book which is that the writing has all been designed in a deep red. I thought this might make it hard to read but I instead found it surprisingly easier to read. There is other books in this series but I don’t think I’m going to continue on to them. Overall definitely worth the time

What did I enjoy? Well this one was so different from  I usually read that it some how grabbed hold of me and would`t let go. Because believe me there are some serious moments in this story line that scared the shit out of me. I was very impressed although with how the characters were written I did not find that all the characters just started to blend together which I was afraid of. I do have to say that one of my favorite characters was Anna herself because her story line and background was so twisted up that I found her interesting to explore about. Being that Anna is a ghost and a few of the characters are not even real. I think it was okay to follow although there where times that were better than others. Yes, Yes, and YES this story definitely kept me guessing which also helped to keep me turning the pages even when I was thoroughly freaked out.

What I did not like? Even though I am well aware that this book is based upon being creepy. I did not enjoy that part at all. That may be because I don`t like creepy and scary stuff. (NO HORROR MOVIES FOR ME!!!) I also think this still could have been written effectively without all the gore and horror stuff. Also the violence was not written well in some parts and during these parts I kind of wanted to throw my hands up in the air. They did not add to the story line and if they had been written better maybe it would have added something rather than take away.

This is a book that I would not recommend to young readers 16 probably being the youngest because I think this possibly really freak out some child. Also anyone who likes the gore, violence, horror stuff then you should give this book as well as the continuing other books in the series a try. I hope you enjoy it more than I did. Good luck – Tegan


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