Hey y’all I’m back again for tonight. I was highly debating whether or not I should add the books that I’ve read that are definitely for an older audience. and I came up with, “Why the hell not?” I’m not sure what kind of audience if any that I’ll be having and honestly I do read a lot of romance it’s how I got started into the larger books. As a young teenager/tween I read a lot of books that had been published by Harlequin Romance. From there my love of the love-stories & very harlequin style writing became something that I still look for in some genres. So let us move onto, a great but easy read.

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton has a total of 384 pages. I rated this book 3/5 cups of tea.  

Welcome to the world of scandalous sex scenes,  where being neighborly just got whole lot more fun. And I mean seriously, Simon Parker the guy next door that poor Caroline has top listen to bang multiple women every night is every girl’s definition of a player. But when the walls are paper thin. Tensions rise quickly causing Caroline to thoroughly embarrass herself when she goes next door in her pink camy, messed up hair and annoyed I’m-not getting-any attitude. That soon sets both Simon and Caroline’s lives into a tailspin. Onward and upward to my thoughts on this sexy book that really makes you think about the days of paper thin walls and all the good fun you may of had, or had to of heard.

What can I say? It’s a very quick read. Keeps you going throughout the pages, never a dull moment. Alice Clayton has done it again! This story line is HOT HOT HOT!!! I mean between Caroline and her next door neighbor who I might add is a giant pain in her ass. This story will grip you and throw you around till you don’t know which way is up! But don’t worry with a man like Simon Parker in the pages you’ll be sure to right yourself just in time to enjoy everything that he offers. This book is most definitely 18+ or at the very least 16+ depending on who your mother is! Without further comment,  I get into what I really liked and what I down right hated. (Which honestly isn’t much).

Both of the main characters, Caroline & Simon were great but in different ways. I found that I could see some very true similarities between Caroline and I that being said I don’t go into strangers apartments and get naked lol. Also who wouldn’t want to spend at least some time with Mr. Parker since its H.O.T. All of the characters no matter how small I felt were still written to be true to how people really may act, this part of the story telling made it very easy to connect with the story line. Did this story line keep me guessing? No not really. Its a pure romance true to its word so you can’t be super surprised that nothing was extremely wild. But they’re still some surprises that took be by ha, surprise! Now, I mean I put it out already at the beginning but there are sex scenes GASP. and boy let me tell you they are pretty well-written I didn’t find myself embarrassed which can sometimes happen with badly written scenes such as these. It is romance so I kind of knew what to expect. Overall characters still had some development and the lovey-dovey stuff was easy to read the sex scenes had some purpose in the overall plot line.

Now just a couple points that I didn’t like about this book. Are these two things: A) once I had finished this book the couple other characters who were under Caroline & Simon’s romance story then of course have a book written about them that takes place after this one. I didn’t read it because I really wasn’t all that interested in their romance, I wanted instead to know more about the one at hand. B) Some of the descriptions going on, I thought they had no reason to be any where near the books ideas of love and had no interest for the actually main couple. Something I will add is that this is an extremely fast read I would say that overall start to finish it took a little over a day and that was mostly because I was working for most of it.

All of the above thoughts are my own. Now if the fact that I talk about sex and swearing openly I sort of apologize because that really is too bad that you can’t be comfortable enough with yourself to just have fun and be honest…even about the stuff that makes us go crazy or that may be down right embarrassing. Just remember that Caroline got over her shit when she went next door to Simon Parker’s door while he was in the middle of sex with one of his many women. Because let’s be honest, I’d even be freaked out to do such a thing. Till next time, your driver to the world within books. – Tegan


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