The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones

Hello everyone! You look gorgeous today, I hope you know.

It’s a beautiful day here in my city although the wind is starting to really howl. So I’ve decided to move inside and try and get another boo review out there. Hope you won’t mind 😉 Any ways I wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle this giant series but I’ve finalized that I will add the books individuality. But I will attach each of them together with the tags the mortal instruments, this way you can continue to follow and keep up with it while I still update about other books I’ve read this summer which have been around 44 and the books I’m hoping to read each week or two. Onto the review and I hope you enjoy!

This is the first book in The Mortal Instruments Series: The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. This book has a middle of the road page count at 485 pages. It honestly not to long that you lose interest but also long enough that most of the important details are explained. I also rated this book a 4/5 cups of tea. 

I’ll just give you a bit of a quick summary although I’m sure many of you have heard of it already since A) its been around for a bit now. B) its got a giant fan following and C) the characters are hugely regarded because of both the movie (which I didn’t approve of in the slightest) and the TV show.  The City of Bones is about a young girl named Clary who falls into the world of the shadowhunters who are men and women who work in the shadow world to kill demons as well as keeping the human world safe from everything that goes bump in the night. All sorts of dangerous and shitty stuff starts happening to Clary and then her mother goes missing. From there on her life’s about to be turned upside down. I welcome you to enter Cassandra Clare’s in-depth  world filled with love, mythical creatures, adventure, danger and a little bit of mystery.  

So the very first time that I read this novel I was just starting out my high school years. Then the ending which is a serious cliffhanger if I’ve ever saw one, completely threw me off. At this time it was then that I decided that I could not read the next five books or three that was written at the time. But now being years older I thought that I would give this one series another go around. Because honestly, I thought it must be good since so many people are fans and many more adore the world that Cassandra Clare has created. Now reading it a second time I thought it was very well written although I would suggest this book more towards the younger teen crowd. It was a bit disturbing to be honest for me because the characters are to be around age 15 or so. So, in order to read this series which I did still enjoy I had to think of the characters of being more in there 18 to 20’s range just like shown in the new Netflix TV show “Shadowhunters.” Although the characters of Jace, Clary, Simon, Magus, Alec and Izzy were originally written to be so much younger. I found it extremely helpful to think of them as being older and I would suggest to anyone that they do the same if they are finding it difficult to connect to the young age. Truly did help me! I would now suggest also to anyone to go out and read the series, I am interested personally to see how many of the books I will get through before I get sick of the story and plot lines or if that will even happen. Now I don’t have a favorite character but I do like Clary and Jace’s romance although it doesn’t last all that long. Again the characters only felt real to me after I was able to see them more grown-up in my head. Not compared to the Remnant Chronicles that I talked about the day before, it didn’t really lead me on a wild-goose-chase. I mean yes it has surprises but all books do which is what adds to the interest level in all books. Now I do have to make a point that there were some very tense as well as just plain saddening moments that I was honestly yelling at the pages. And all of these parts were well written with good description. Except a couple scenes which I shook my head at because I thought why the hell would you write that crap…it doesn’t even fit. I’m not going to even say which ones because if you’re going to read this one I don’t want to wreck the scene just because I wasn’t a strong fan. As I said at the beginning this book does have a middle number of pages so I didn’t really find that it was too long.

I do want to make a strong point about the cliffhanger at the end because I found it so confusing and frustrating after the entirety of the book that I didn’t pick the series back up for 6 years. That being said when you read that last part, which definitely has the wow- factor just remember to pick up the next book and keep reading I promise it gets better. Also don’t google whether or not its true. I did this and I really regretted it and that is since so many of the main facts of book 2 are tied into the truth. So just keep reading and try not to over think it like I did, and I’m sure many others did as well.

Lastly I would suggest this book to the younger crowd first and then the young adult crowd as well because as the book does go on to half way there is a couple themes that aren’t for super young kids. Youngest I would recommend is Grade 7 or 12/ 13 year olds. I hope you enjoy this first book of the Mortal Instruments Series as much as I did and that you carry on reading even if it’s not this series. See you next time – Tegan



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