The Remnant Chronicles

I’m back! I read this trilogy back during the end of the summer hours, so I thought I would take a few minutes to show you a great trilogy that is something new which started in 2014. I also want you to understand that I ate up these 3 books in just under 10 days.

I have been just dying to talk about this wonderful series written by Mary E. Pearson. In which she gives you an exhilarating new look at a world where a young woman has a husband picked for her from a kingdom that has never liked her own, where Princess Lia flees on her wedding day and where her life is about to get dangerous more than she could have ever imaged. I welcome you to jump into a trilogy that mixes deception with both love and true adventure. Welcome to The Remnant Chronicles. 

The three books in this series, continually go up in size. They are as following:

  • The Kiss of Deception (#1)
  • The Heart of Betrayal (#2)
  • The Beauty of Darkness (#3)

This trilogy blew my mind and when I finished the last pages of Beauty of Darkness I didn’t want to let the characters go. I will do my very best to insure that no spoilers are leaked, because this is one of the most important parts of this story and plot lines. These 3 books really run on the wow factor and believe me I was surely stunned at some parts. Onto the reviews, first up is The Kiss of Deception. 

Oh my goodness! This book is insane with all the twists in the turns that are written within its pages. The ending was so shocking and is a definite cliffhanger. Which had me reaching for the next book in this trilogy! There is a lot of deception going on in this pages. Between finding out who Kaden really was which had to gaping at the pages because I thought this surely wasn’t right. Way to go Mary E. Pearson for writing those find out scenes so well. Then finding out that no that Rafe may or may not be the prince that  Lia was suppose to marrying. Who all along I thought Rafe was the assassin who was just waiting to kill Lia…but wasn’t completely sure. And I’d say a little more than half way through the book, it came out who was who. And goodness me was I shocked!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised in fact that I had to actually put down the book and walk away from it for a few minutes. Rightly so I was very much surprised and I’m still a bit torn whether or not I like this writing style or not. But I still went out and bought the next book in the series. So that truly shows how pulled into this story line I was because anymore with the amount of books I read I hardly buy them that often. I would give this one 5/5 very well written and kept me reading all the ways through. There are 492 pages. 

Next up is The Heart of Betrayal. ***SPOILERS BELOW***

I wasn’t sure if I’d be pulled right back into the adventure and danger which had originally kept me so interested in this series. But believe me it didn’t stop moving for one minute. Also if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m going to let this slip. Kaden is the assassin who was sent from Venda to stop her from marrying the prince whom she had fled from. We also find out that Rafe is the prince who has lied to her about being a melon farmer ( who she has also fell in love with). I thought this second book completely passed the first one. It has the workings of love, adventure, fantasy, magic, war, and of course it has more CONFUSION.  I mean I love the deception and the confusion and the never-ending building of the war that only Lia seems to see coming. Which brings me to her gift which is very much different from what I thought the author would write. By this I mean I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much more interesting then the same ideas of magic that are usually written over and over. And if you are looking for a book that gives you all the answers this probably isn’t the one for you. Because nothing, nothing was very straightforward in this book. I’d give this book 5.5/5 cups of tea. There are 470 pages. The deception and betrayal never jumped off track.

Last of this trilogy is The Beauty of Darkness. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK! HOLY BOATS! That is not even a fair assessment of the book. The character development was thorough and in depth, allowing you to get attached and involved. Beyond this personal connection, the flow of the book is marvelous and is paced well. An exciting read, i highly recommend it and the series to anyone looking for something to do on a dreary Sunday.

BLAM BLAM GREEN EGGS AND HAM THIS BOOK IS MY JAM!!  (Thank you so much for this 21st Gladstone, you know who you are.)  I adore this one so 6/5 cups of tea. There are 679 pages.

This is a must read series. The characters are new and interesting. Because of the way of the writing style; where some of the other characters make appearances by seeing their perspectives. Which definitely helps bring the whole story line together and keeps the different lines running smoothly. I look forward to seeing what your thoughts are on all these books in this beautifully written trilogy that is tied around deception, betrayal and the darkness that they bring. Til next time, – Tegan



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  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much I appreciate your support and time reading my reviews


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